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Thank you for taking the time to visit this page. I want to share with you a ltitle bit of my journey.

I have been a makeup artist 9 and hairstylist for 2 years, I know, I cant believe it myself. I built a successful freelance and bridal business with out social media or a big following. But using social media was very helpful. I say this because I dont want you to think that you need a big following to make money. In fact I know a lot of business that have successful business with a small following. 

I want  to share with you the tools I used to help me grow my business, my clientele and my following. 

In this page you will find free downloadable templates and so much more! 

Bridal HNMU getting ready templates

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These templates will help you anticipate your brides needs and look professional. Click the phot to get your freebie. 

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